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Interested in hiring me as a freelance writer? 

Hello lovely! Do you just so happen to need some top quality copy crafted for your site or publication? Or perhaps a feature article or interview that needs doing? I would love to help you out with that!

My professional writing experience includes co-founding and editing a literary magazine that has been featured in bookstores in Canada and Europe. I've contributed journalistic pieces to newspapers in Ottawa, and have been featured in several creative writing publications.

Since arriving in Cambodia, I've contributed several feature articles and sponsored pieces, in addition to a dedicated monthly column, to What's Up Phnom Penh magazine. Overall, whether you need something creative and adoring of alliteration, or straightforward and to the point - I've got it covered.

Need a writer? Get in touch at dearladyexpatriate (at) gmail (dot) com


Interested in sponsoring this blog?

Dear Business Whiz: If you're keen to sponsor a post or a giveaway, please do get in touch! 

 I'm a peach to work with  - promise! - and if it fits within the themes of this here blog, then I'd love to spotlight your business or shop.  It's as simple as letting me try out your product and then crafting a big, beautiful post about it for the whole internet to enjoy. 

Currently, the lovely people who hang out at Lady Expat seem to be equally split between Cambodia-based and international readers (many of whom seem planning to travel to Cambodia in the future), with love of adventure, style, and interest in local Phnom Penh expat life uniting everyone.

Ready to spotlight your project? Get in touch at dearladyexpatriate (at) gmail (dot) com